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[dir] InterestingNotes 10.5 MB 2020-Mar-27
[pdf] Coronavirus Bill - manuscript amendments tabled by the Government on 23 March 2020 (Volume 674) - transcript from the House of Commons reasonings (concerns).pdf 331.9 KB 2020-Mar-24
[pdf] Sneezing Etiquette (Best Practice) - from an African Place of Being.pdf 603.3 KB 2020-Mar-23
[pdf] Imperial-College-COVID19-NPI-modelling-16-03-2020.pdf 757.3 KB 2020-Mar-19
[pdf] Department for Health and Social Care Explanatory notes to the Coronavirus Bill 122-EN.pdf 1.0 MB 2020-Mar-25
[pdf] Coronavirus GCSE & A levels_ Teacher assessment likely to replace exams _ Tes.pdf 1.2 MB 2020-Mar-19
[pdf] Coronavirus_ Open schools 'won't be educational' _ Tes.pdf 1.2 MB 2020-Mar-19
[pdf] Coronavirus GCSE pupil - My cohort will be stigmatised - Tes.pdf 1.5 MB 2020-Mar-19
[pdf] Policing-a-Pandemic.pdf 1.9 MB 2020-Mar-24
[mp3] President Trump and Coronavirus Task Force Hold Press Briefing _ TIME - Interesting Extracts and Data Points - 26 Mar 2020.mp3 8.7 MB 2020-Mar-27
[mp3] Impact of non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) to reduce COVID-19 mortality and healthcare demand.mp3 37.3 MB 2020-Mar-19
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